wildlife plus tourism marketing branding website australia adelaide

Winery Plus

Marketing and branding for wineries, vineyards and cellar doors in South Australia

wildlife plus tourism marketing branding website australia adelaide

Winery Plus

Winery Plus would love to work with your winery, vineyard, cellar door or wine. Get in contact with Elliot for a free quote on any project you may have

wildlife plus tourism marketing branding website australia adelaide
wildlife plus tourism marketing branding website australia adelaide

Your winery; elevated

Through branding, website development, graphic design, marketing, e commerce and professional advertising; Winery.Plus is here to help grow and refine your winery, vineyard or cellar door.

Winery Plus aims to help wineries by modernising designs and updating marketing techniques to best be able to market your establishment. Winery Plus is created to be your personal graphic designer and marketing coordinator, that you can call on when a new project is needed. With a niche in marketing wineries, you get industry knowledge with expert design services, marketing strategies and execution.

Winery Plus Services

Winery Plus offers an extensive range of services aimed at helping market your winery, vineyard, cellar door or wine

Website Design

Your website is the most important selling tool that you have to get new customers. Your website should be modern, user friendly, understand it’s audience, represent your brand, include opening times and properly sell your products. For wineries, vineyards and cellar doors it is great to showcase your scenery and space where the customers will be. Through great photos and effective navigation a customer will want to visit you and feel a strong connection to your brand. Powerful search-engine-optimisation techniques implemented in the website will also mean you rank higher on Google, meaning you are exposed to more potential visitors and customers.

Logo Design

Your logo represents your establishment and the quality that you deliver. A more intricate design represents a winery with history and sophistication, whilst a modern and minimalist design shows customers that you are youthful and innovative. Having a well designed logo is important as it will be everywhere; your website, wine labels, signage, marketing materials and digital presence.

Brand Identity

A strategic brand identity that represents your winery but also stand out from the competition can elevate your winery to the next level. Through a personalised logo, colour scheme, typography and patterns your brand will have a unique and refined identity. This will be translated into design templates, letterheads and a brand guideline to clearly form a visual image. This will all be shaped from a clear tone of voice, messaging and positioning that has been strategically created to market to your target audience and align with your goals.

Graphic Design

Every business should focus on having high-quality graphic design as it shows that you put care into your products and into your customer’s experience. Wineries, vineyards and cellar doors often do not have capacity to employ a graphic designer with an understanding of the wine industry so Winery Plus aims to meet this need. With an understanding for a customer’s interaction with your wines and winery, we design with them in mind, whilst also aligning with your brand and design specifications.


Cellar Door Menu Design

Offer wine tastings, lunch, dinner or flights? A well designed menu shows customers your products are of high quality, meaning a higher likely-hood to purchase off the menu.

Wine Label Design

Your wine is only as good as it’s wine label. Even if we’re taught to not judge a book by it’s cover, customers gravitate to bottles that are professional and speak to them.

Winery Signage Design

A beautiful vineyard isn’t complete without proper signage and branding. Customers need to be reminded of where they are and make finding entrances, information and your brand easy to find.

Winery Marketing Projects

I’m sure you have plenty of other ideas for your winery establishment and we can cater to any graphic design need.

E-Commerce Website

Selling your wines online is a key part of a winery’s business nowadays so having a well set up ecommerce system enables you to easily sell direct to customers. With Covid having effected the way we interact with businesses it is even more important to now fully utilize the power of selling online. Payments online, being shipped to your customer with stock management systems and the ability to customise to your needs; Winery Plus can make a website with a fantastic e-commerce functionality.

Email Marketing

With new wines, experiences and menu items at your winery, email marketing is an outstanding promotional tool. Wine lists and wine clubs are a fantastic customer experience that thrives on email marketing as the information is easily digestible and arrives straight to their inbox. Winery Plus can help you set up an effective email marketing system and design weekly/monthly/quarterly emails that efficiently communicate your wineries products.

Advertising Campaigns

If you are an established winery looking to position yourself as a staple of your area then advertising campaigns are an effective reaffirmation to your target audience. Whether it be selling a wine or cellar door a well-crafted advertising campaign is a great tactic to bring people through the door. Winery Plus can design digital assets or print campaigns that align with your branding and market you in an original and authentic way. Contact Winery Plus for a free quote and to discuss any ideas you may have for an advertising campaign.


To find wineries, vineyards and cellar doors to visit, a customer will look online. Whether they have been recommended to visit the winery or stumble upon it online, they will check your website and social media. This is why professional photography that is inviting and authentically communicates your location can be the best selling tool in your pocket. If you have a beautiful establishment then portraying that through powerful imagery will make a whole difference. 


Winery Plus worked with McLaren Vale Tourism to create a drone video that showcases the beautiful sights of the southern vales. From the gorgeous vineyards to the stunning beaches this video was used to promote the truely incredibly views that this region has to offer. For $100/h you get a videographer and director at your location to record your project. We can write the script, film, direct and edit your next video efficiently and at a high standard.

wildlife plus tourism marketing branding website australia adelaide

Elliot Vagner

Wine Marketing Professional and the Owner of Winery Plus

Hi, I’m Elliot Vagner, and I love South Australia and it’s wine regions. Having lived in Sweden and England, moving to McLaren Vale was the most amazing opportunity for me to experience a whole different lifestyle. I absolutely love wineries and working with graphic design and marketing, so decided to combine my passions and create Winery Plus.

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